The Windswept WWI Saga: Book 1

Available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook

A British nurse in WWI Egypt races to deliver explosive intelligence that could decimate the Allied war effort in this novel of suspense, adventure, and love.

Egypt, 1917: When British nurse Ginger Whitman finds a wounded enemy soldier hiding
in her hospital camp in Palestine, she knows she should turn him in. But he’s desperate and dying—and he claims he’s a spy with a message about a critical plot against British forces.


Then the arrival of mysterious intelligence officer Major Noah Benson offers a chance of help. But Noah is as charming as he is dangerous and Ginger’s heart is at risk. With a deadly enemy hunting her, Ginger is caught in a crossfire of secrets and lies. Trusting the wrong person could do more than cost her life: it could change the course of the war.


Windswept is the first novel in the Windswept WW1 Saga, a historical fiction series featuring a strong female protagonist. A story of spies, family drama, romance, and epic adventure, it is set in the British Middle Eastern front of the First World War. This novel contains violence and romantic, steamy moments.

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Produced and Filmed by: Phil Rosensteel, Wired Different Media

Music: Phil Rosensteel

Cast: Kelly Mulvihill as Ginger Whitman

Voiceover: Eleanor Griffiths