A British nurse in WWI Egypt races to deliver explosive intelligence that could change the course of the war in this novel of suspense, adventure, and love.

May, 1917. Ginger Whitman left a life of wealth and privilege in England to train as a battlefield nurse and serve in the Great War. Working on the brutal frontlines in Palestine, she finds a wounded soldier hiding in her camp. The soldier claims to carry intelligence unmasking a secret plot against the British—and that traitors within British intelligence are searching for him. Desperate and dying, the soldier entrusts a coded message to her care.


Ginger is hurled into an unfamiliar world of intrigue and murder amidst the war-ravaged Arabian desert. She's determined to help her country but trusting the wrong person could cost her life. Then the arrival of mysterious and handsome British intelligence officer Major Noah Benson offers a chance of help. But Noah may be as dangerous as he is charming. As she’s swept away by stolen moments on the desert sands, Ginger realizes her heart may also be at risk.

Hunted by a shadowy enemy spy, Ginger must decide if she can trust Noah. But as she grapples with her decision, Ginger makes a shocking discovery: a sinister secret that threatens to shatter the world she thought she knew.




"Windswept is a delightful, ripsnorting adventure with a feisty heroine, a breathless pace, and endless adventure,
intrigue, and romance. You will smile from cover to cover. This will remind you how enjoyable a good book can be."

–William Bernhardt, bestselling author of the Ben Kincaid series


“Suspenseful, sexy, and moving, Windswept is a great choice for those looking for strong female leads

in their historical fiction. Ginger will inspire you; the story will enthrall you; and the passionate romance will win you over.”

-Samantha Hui, Independent Book Review


"Chock-full of secrets and spies, love and betrayal, danger and adventure, all of which is set against

the devastating backdrop of WWI, Windswept by Annabelle McCormack is a sumptuous, fast-paced, and riveting read that'll have you cheering for the heroine until the very end."

-Hannah Mary McKinnon, internationally bestselling author of Sister Dear and You Will Remember Me


"A neophyte nurse becomes an accidental but effective spy in this gripping adventure."

-Kirkus Reviews


"Windswept is a whirlwind of an adventure. From the edge-of-your seat suspense, to the passionate won't be able to put this book down!"

-Lisa Boyle, author of Signed, A Paddy

"...akin to an Arabian version of Gone With the Wind, juxtaposing history with romance with a depth that few World War I novels achieve."

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"This work of historical fiction is so incredibly enthralling, there are the undertones of class that made Downton Abbey such a favorite, along with the pathos of honor, war, servitude, manners, and stature intertwine the way you see in 1917 or in the works of Patrick O'Brian...A book packed with engrossing visuals and vibrant drama. This is a novel that is complex, powerful, and moving. Windswept has the great ability

to be both a great romance novel and a great work of historical fiction. It never once compromises one mission for the other. An exceptional achievement for any author and for any genre."

-Robert Buccellato, San Francisco Book Review

"Loved it! Highly, highly recommended. 10 stars."

-Coffee and Ink, blog tour review

"I have to say this might be my favorite WWI book of all time."

-Gwendalyn's Books, blog tour review

"WOW! What a breathtaking ride of a book this was! I couldn't read it fast enough and yet I didn't want it to end!"

-Passages to the Past, blog tour review


"A WWI novel to set the new standard for other novels, and does it ever set the bar high.

Bottom Line: Who needs movies, with books like Windswept?"

-Pursuing Stacie, blog tour review

"This is the way to start a series. Gave me everything I want. A historical setting I could learn about,

a dastardly villian, and an engaging love story. So so good. Can't wait to read book 2."

-amysbooketlist, blog tour review

"HOLY SH*T THIS BOOK! Windswept is [Annabelle McCormack's] debut novel and it blew me away!!

This has to be one of THE BEST books I have read this year, hands down!"

-agirlreadsbookss, blog tour review

"This is a novel that overall is a superb example of a sweeping saga set in a land that allows you to escape from

your normal life for the length of time it takes to read it. I am just happy that the second book is in the
works!" -Sharon Rimmelzwaan, Beyond the Books, blog tour review

"Nurses, spies, romance and the Sinai and Palestine campaign: Windswept by Annabelle McCormack

delivers a ripping read." -Bibliostatic, blog tour review

"I was utterly riveted and absolutely engrossed from page one to the last word. Ms. McCormack is an incredible writer, not just from a writing standpoint but also from a storyteller standpoint. Windswept isn't just a book you read, it is a book you devour."

-Dayna Linton, Novels Alive, blog tour review

"...a very thrilling read which kept me guessing until the end." -Over the Rainbow Book Blog, blog tour review

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Produced and Filmed by: Phil Rosensteel, Wired Different Media

Music: Phil Rosensteel

Cast: Kelly Mulvihill as Ginger Whitman

Voiceover: Eleanor Griffiths