Whisper in the Tempest

The Windswept WWI Saga: Book 3

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardback

December, 1917: When an urgent matter forces Ginger and Noah Benson to sail from Malta on the HMT Aragon, the unthinkable strikes: the Aragon is torpedoed—and Ginger and Noah are separated in the chaos. But the way back to each other will be an uphill battle and a deadly foe stands in the way, determined to stop them at every turn.

Whisper in the Tempest is the third novel in the Windswept WW1 Saga, a historical
fiction series featuring a strong female protagonist. A story of spies, family drama, romance, and epic adventure, it is set in the British Middle Eastern front of the First World War. This novel contains violence and romantic, steamy moments.