Until Forever Ends

A Brandywood Small Town Contemporary Romance: Book 4

Available to preorder in ebook (paperback coming soon)

Meet Travis Wagner and Lindsay Yardley, heirs to the most infamous feud in the history of the charming mountain town of Brandywood, Maryland. The Wagners and Yardleys have been at each other’s throats for generations, but beneath the surface a secret passion has been smoldering.

For years, Travis and Lindsay have indulged in forbidden rendezvous, each tryst more fiery than the last. They’ve sworn it would be the last time,but destiny has a different plan in store. When the Wagners launch a campaign to oust Peter Yardley, Lindsay’s beloved grandfather and a national celebrity, from Main Street, fate thrusts Travis and Lindsay together once again.

Tasked by the town council with finding a peaceful solution that will preserve the town’s charm and the livelihoods of local businesses, Lindsay and Travis must put aside their family’s animosity and work side by side. Forced to work together, they can no longer deny the simmering attraction that has kept them coming back for more.

But as they navigate the treacherous waters of newfound love, a more daunting challenge looms—figuring out a way to tell the truth to their feuding families. Can Travis and Lindsay’s love bridge the gap between generations of animosity and bring harmony to Brandywood ... or will it be the final blow to their town’s broken heart?

A contemporary romance with steamy, open door romance about family rivalries, forbidden love, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds, Until Forever Ends is the fourth installment of the Brandywood Small Town Romance series. CW: language, adultery