See You Next Fall

A Friends to Lovers Steamy Contemporary Romance

Available in ebook and paperback

Discover a captivating friends-to-lovers contemporary romance that transcends boundaries in this heartwarming and steamy tale by author Annabelle McCormack.


For four years, Elle Winnick and Quinn Camden have shared a standing date as friends—no
expectations, no strings attached. After all, a romantic relationship between them seems impossible. Elle’s roots are firmly planted in Tennessee, tethered to her life and family, while her trust in love remains fragile after a devastating heartbreak. Meanwhile, Quinn is immersed in managing his father’s company and preparing to inherit his family’s ancestral estate in England—a destiny predetermined since his childhood.


The rules between them are crystal clear:


Sex is off the table.

Honesty is paramount.

Meet the first week of October, every year.


But what happens when their connection runs deeper than friendship, when every encounter stirs the embers of love? Are they willing to risk breaking the “rules,” knowing that it
could change everything they’ve known?


Join Elle and Quinn on an unforgettable journey as they navigate the blurred lines between
friendship and passion. Will their unspoken desires shatter their bond or lead them to an extraordinary love neither of them expected? Find out in this spellbinding contemporary romance that explores the boundaries of the heart. CW: Open door, strong language