A Brandywood Small Town Contemporary Romance: Book 1

Available in ebook and paperback

Sometimes the past finds you through the most unexpected people.


Jason Cavanaugh isn’t interested in romance. He only came to Brandywood to stop a private investigator from discovering the son his late brother never knew. There’s no reason the entire Cavanaugh estate should go to a toddler that resulted from a meaningless fling. But Jason couldn’t have prepared himself for his nephew’s gorgeous mother. Sparks are flying between them but if Jen really knew what he was doing in town, she’d hate him.


Single mom Jen Klein is sick of working two jobs and still being broke. And her dating life seems plagued by bad luck and losers. She knows better than to look twice at the charming, mysterious man that just arrived in her small town. But something about him is irresistible, even though he’s clearly passing through. Would it be so bad to let herself have a little fun?


Yet one night no longer seems like enough and Jason is realizing how little he understood about his brother. The harder he tries to hide his secrets from Jen, the closer he comes to revealing a shocking truth about himself . . . and Jason might be dangerously close to losing something much more valuable than a fortune.


A contemporary romance with steamy, open door romance and tear-jerking moments about finding home in the least expected place and facing the past, I’ll Carry You is the second book in the Brandywood Small Town Romance Series. CW: drug-related overdose, strong language