A Zephyr Rising

The Windswept WWI Saga: Prequel Novella

Available in ebook

and paperback

A British heiress in WWI England must confront her family’s plans for her future as she searches to find her place in a changing world.

August, 1914: A few days after Britain declares war on Germany, English heiress Ginger Whitman already senses changes sweeping her town. But nothing shocks her more than the arrest and attacks on German nationals, including the local butcher she’s known all her life. After witnessing his English wife and children left destitute, Ginger is determined to help.


Ginger’s appeals to those in a position of power are met with indifference. In a country seized by spy fever, chaos and destruction threaten to boil over—and Ginger must act quickly before a serious miscarriage in justice destroys an innocent family.

A Zephyr Rising is the prequel novella to the Windswept WW1 Saga, a historical fiction series featuring a strong female protagonist navigating family drama, spies, steamy romance, and epic adventure in the British Middle Eastern front of the First World War. This novella contains depictions of violence.