A Devastating Secret...and A love She never Imagined.


The Windswept WWI Saga: Book 1

May 1917: When British nurse Ginger Whitman finds a wounded enemy soldier hiding in her hospital camp in Palestine, she knows she should turn him in. But he’s desperate and dying—and he claims he’s a spy with a message about a critical plot against British forces.


Then the arrival of mysterious intelligence officer Major Noah Benson offers a chance of help. But Noah is as charming as he is dangerous and Ginger’s heart is at risk. With a deadly enemy hunting her, Ginger is caught in a crossfire of secrets and lies. Trusting the wrong person could do more than cost her life: it could change the course of the war.

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Sands of Sirocco


When friends become enemies, No Secret is Safe.


The Windswept WWI Saga: Book 2

November, 1917: British nurse Ginger Whitman thought she escaped the intrigue that devastated her family and threatened her life on the desert sands of WWI Palestine. But when she’s drafted into an investigation for the Cairo Intelligence Department, she uncovers forces at work to destroy the man she loves: intelligence officer Noah Benson.


As an old enemy resurfaces, Ginger and Noah are pulled into a minefield of lies, greed, and political deception that threatens the stability of the British alliance. With an enemy that knows their secrets, no one they love is safe. But nothing is what it seems—and a far more nefarious foe may be toying with them both.

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A Zephyr Rising


War Changes Everyone


The Windswept WWI Saga: Prequel Novella

August, 1914: A few days after England declares war on Germany, British heiress Ginger Whitman already senses changes sweeping her town. But nothing shocks her more than the arrest and attacks on German nationals throughout the country, including the local butcher she’s known all her life. After witnessing his English wife and children left destitute, Ginger is determined to help.


Ginger’s appeals to those in a position of power are met with indifference. In a country seized by spy fever, chaos and destruction threaten to boil over—and Ginger must act quickly before a serious miscarriage in justice destroys an innocent family.

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