The Long Journey to Writing

There are so many places that I could start my journey toward being a creative, but I’m going to start in July 2000.

That’s when I stepped off an airplane in San Jose, Costa Rica, ready to start my career…or so I thought. I’d just finished high school and I’d applied, among other schools, to medical school in Costa Rica (where my mom is from). I’d said I wanted to be a doctor since the time I was five and I was sure this was the best path to it. It was a six year program and I’d have to take the foreign medical school graduate tests afterward to come back to Maryland, where my family lived, but I was READY.

Except I wasn’t.

On the outside, I wanted everyone to believe I was ready. But really, I was filled with doubts. Much as I’d always said I wanted to be a doctor, I knew I really loved the arts more. I’d been in musicals in high school, been writing novels since I was in seventh grade, played a few instruments, danced, painted…there was literally no form of the arts I didn’t enjoy. But how could I make a career out of that? Weren’t those just supposed to be hobbies?

As the days drew closer to the start of my schooling in Costa Rica, I felt more and more anxious. More uncertain. More convinced that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. My head tried to convince my heart it would be ok, that I should just give it a shot, but my heart wasn’t buying it. And friends, if my heart isn’t buying it…it will just never work for me.

So I came back home and decided to go to a local university where I’d been accepted and had kept in my back pocket as a fall-back plan. I enrolled in the biology major with a pre-med focus and off to a more “normal” path to medical school I went. This way I would have time to figure out what I wanted.