Achieving Success

What could you accomplish if you stopped measuring success as something to achieve in your lifetime?

Take a hard look at every book under that coffee cup above. Now here are some facts:

*Zora Neale Hurston died impoverished and alone. Her work was discovered 15 years later.

*Stieg Larsson died in 2004 without anyone knowing about his books. A few years after his death he was a global best selling author.

*Emily Dickinson only published a handful of poems while alive. The rest were discovered and published by her family after her death.

*Jane Austen’s books were well reviewed, but by no means considered great literary achievements. It wasn’t until over a hundred years after her death that she was more widely accepted as a British literary great.

*Herman Melville published a few successful novels before Moby Dick, but Moby Dick was a failure and he was forgotten. Almost 70 years after the book’s publication, he and it finally received literary success.

Each of the authors I mentioned kept writing, despite not getting the world’s approval. We would be worse off if they hadn’t.

Move the goal posts. Live your life well, doing the best you can, even if the only person you’re doing it for is you. That’s what true success is.